Improving the assessment of psychosocial problems and of mental health treatment for persons with cancer is essential in oncology routine care.  However, both are challenging for many oncologists, on account of time pressure, attitudes towards mental disorders and the uncertainty in which they practice. The above factors are compounded when the patient and the treating provider differ in their ethno-cultural affiliation. The goal of this project is to investigate differences in mental health needs and barriers to accessing care by ethnically diverse persons with cancer. The purpose of this project is to develop a set of feasible recommendations to assist oncologists and other health-care providers in their routine service to ethnically diverse populations, and thus improve patient care and decrease health disparities.


Facilitators and barriers to mental health care among Jewish and Arab Israeli women with breast cancer project funded by The Israel National Institute for Health Policy Research and Health Service Research.


Mental health disparities among person with cancer

Clinical Research 


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